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Our quality programs are based on the process approach as outlined in ISO9001-2015. Product quality planning begins with a request for quotation. A production approval process exists for both new parts and repeat orders. Our quality department maintains complete records of part quality and lot trace-ability to raw material. This results in parts that are of “World Class Quality” and competitively priced.

Small & High Volumes

Kaddis Manufacturing has Single & Multiple Spindle CNC Swiss screw machines that provide a flexible ability to produce small volume & high volume complex parts.

Unique Customization

Kaddis often supplies precision machined components that other manufacturers cannot produce.

Diverse Services

We offer a wide range of services which includes: assembly,  drilling, grinding, knurling, milling, and threading and special packaging.

Optimal Machinability

We consider the many grades of material specifically designed for improved machinability.

Superior Products

Higher performance, Cost Effective Products.

Upholding a high quality standard requires an exceptional commitment to manufacturing resources. The wide variety of machining technology options in the KADDIS machine library is supported by an in-house tooling capability that adapts tools to the unique characteristics of each material. Behind it all is a staff of engineers and machining experts, who are able to adapt to both new alloys and tried-and-true materials.


Uncompromised Quality

Kaddis Manufacturing ensures that all raw material is produced in American Mills & all Vendors are located in America. Be a responsible corporate citizen to our nation, our community and our employees, by maintaining programs and policies that are responsible and responsive to their needs.