Engineering Capabilities

Engineering Services

Kaddis Manufacturing’s Engineering optimizes the manufacturing process to produce the highest quality using the most cost-effective method to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

Kaddis designs and manufactures all tools in-house to better control tolerances and cost.

In House Tooling Reduces Costs and Optimizes Production which equals Price Competitive Quality.

Kaddis uses CAD to redraw the customer’s part print for uniform and consistent information on the production floor (one specific nomenclature throughout the factory). The part is orientated as it would be machined breaking it down by each specific spindle.

We use ANVIL - 1000 MD and AUTOCAD for all of our Engineering and Manufacturing interface. We optimize our manufacturing with:

  • Layout and Tool Design: Direct connection with our Wire EDM and CNC Tool Grinder for accurate manufacturing of tools and other components.
  • Cam Design
  • Quick Change Tooling: This Kaddis design insures repeatability and optimum productivity.
  • Special Tool and Attachment Design
  • Special Gage Design
  • TB-DECO Programming