Single Spindle

Tsugami - CNC Equipment

To service our customers in all aspects of machined parts, Kaddis Manufacturing began investing in single spindle CNC Tsugami machines in November 2013. This equipment allows us to now supply our customers with:              

  1. smaller production quantities                                                
  2. produce complex part configurations in one operation                                        
  3. closer tolerances when needed
  • 2 Tsugami 5206 CNC Swiss  - 20mm
  • 1 Tsugami B0326 CNC Swiss - 32mm


The capacity range for this equipment is .125" (3mm) to 1.250" (32mm).

Bechler Equipment

Kaddis Manufacturing has a large compliment of Bechler Single Spindle cam equipment. These machines produce close tolerance (Swiss tolerances) in volumes from one thousand pieces to hundreds of thousands of pieces. These machines use bar stock usually straightened and ground which allows us to maintain tenths of an inch tolerances during production.

Our Bechler equipment consists as follows:
  • 26 Single Spindle Bechler - 10mm
  • 1 Single Spindle Bechler– 20mm
  • 3 Single Spindle Bechler Chuckers

Escomatic Equipment

From a cost viewpoint, Escomatic equipment is one of the lowest cost operations for machining small diameter parts (maximum ¼” or 6mm) to close tolerances. Escomatics use raw material in coil form which translates into less raw material stock ups for the operator. The machine/operator ratio is 6-8 machines per operator which results in an inexpensive hourly rate for this equipment. The parts produced on this equipment are usually simple part configurations with volumes of 50,000 pieces and up.

Our Escomatic equipment consists as follows:
  • 24 Escomatics - 4mm
  • 2 Escomatics - 6mm