Kaddis History

Kaddis History              

 Kaddis Manufacturing is a leader in supplying precision machined components used in a variety of applications since 1939.  The company was originally located in a small building on Hudson Avenue in Rochester, New York and the machine of choice at that time, was the Davenport multi-spindle machine.   With continued sales growth, Kaddis required additional manufacturing space and the current building was acquired in 1969.

In 1973, Kaddis purchased Enarc-O Machine Company.  The Enarc-o business allowed the ability to fabricated smaller size parts (.040" to .130") and Swiss type parts with the ability of holding closer tolerances. The Escomatic and Bechler equipment were and still are an excellent compliment to Kaddis Manufacturing's multi-spindle machining base.    

To provide our customers with larger diameter parts, Kaddis purchased Acme-Gridley equipment in 1988. This allowed the maximum machining diameter to increase from 13/16" to 1 1/4".  Kaddis Manufacturing is now able to supply companies machined parts ranging in size from .040" (1mm) up to 1.250" (32mm). 

In the late 1990's, parts were being designed with tighter tolerances and more complex configurations.  Kaddis Manufacturing needed to invest in newer equipment that could produce these challenging parts.  After an in-depth analysis of what would complement our existing line of equipment, it was decided Tornos had the machine for Kaddis.  Since 2002, Kaddis started making a substantial investment in the “next generation” multi-spindle equipment - CNC Tornos Multi-Deco machine.  Using automatic bar loaders for optimum efficiency, this equipment is designed for high volume, complex parts maintaining tight tolerances.

In the 4th quarter 2013, Kaddis decided to invest in new CNC Single Spindle Swiss equipment. Kaddis selected Tsugami CNC Single Spindle machines as the next generation equipment for Kaddis Manufacturing. We purchased (2) 20mm S206 machines and a Tsugami 32mm B0326.

Kaddis is now a 66,000 square foot state-of-the-art company using the latest in Screw Machine Technology.